It's been quite a while - again!

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I really want to post more, I just keep forgetting that this blog exists and also, I never take interesting photos so I would constantly be rambling and ranting and perhaps posting pictures of my new hair colors. Speaking of which, they're green at the moment.


I should do a hair timeline of some kind. Or maybe I shouldn't. 

Aaaanyway, a lot has happened since my last post! I moved out of my parents house and into my own apartment with one of my best friends, got two lovely kitties named Miska and Poseidon - this is them -

I made some good friends at university, had an icky break-up and found new happiness quite recently. That story's kind of cool actually. We met at a bar with other biology students at the beginning of the first semester, but didn't really talk because some dude sat between us, became Facebook friends but were both too shy to talk, discovered that we both like Doctor Who a lot (and actually, a shit ton of other series) and finally he asked me if I wanted to watch Doctor Who with him some time. Which I then did. And then we went to see The Hobbit together. And then he came to my party and since then we're happy :)
 It's been a rough couple of months! Third semester was pretty much hell, especially the finals. About two weeks ago, I finally mastered all of them and fiiiiinally had some time off, so I took a trip to Paris with my boyfriend - also to get away from snowy, stinking Germany. It was absolutely lovely. We stayed at a place called the "Peace & Love Hostel", which was sort of a mix between a bar and a hostel for people between the ages of 18 and 30. They even had a little kitchen so we could prepare our own food. 
We got the room at the very top of the building, so we had to climb 7 floors of stairs each time we wanted to go up or down, which kind of sucked since we spent the majority of our time walking anyway, but we had one hell of a great view. It was rather cold, but nice and sunny and we visited some museums too. And of course the Eiffel Tower, wouldn't want to miss that one!

Right now, I'm at my parents house, trying to finish Dr. House and kinda just waiting for the weekend to be over. I have to work early this weekend - I have to get up at 6 am! I work at a senior home in my hometown. It's an okay job, but it's starting to piss me off because they constantly call me to get me to fill in for other employees, or give me shifts when I need to be at University, or because I just happen to have unfriendly co-workers. Oh, and, not to be rude, but senior homes are full of nut cases.
Hah, tomorrow I need to work and then on Monday I have to get up at seven because classes start again. Where's my well-deserved break??? Oh well. At least no exams for about three months. 

Oh! My friend Cassie is coming to visit me at the end of May. She's in Berlin for an art workshop and is taking a train to see me in Düsseldorf for four days. I'm waaay excited for that, it's been too long already and none of my American friends have visited me so far. I mean, I understand, since it's so goddamn expensive... - but that just makes the fact that she's visiting even better. :) 

I think I'm going to return to Dr. House now and then get some sleep. Here's a random picture of me and my roommate!

Hopefully I will post some more stuff soon. 
xoxo, Anna