Star Trek, Stupidity, and new shoes

Hey fellas!
I've finally decided to live my lifelong dream and be a Star Trek something-or-other for Carnival this year. I found this amazingly accurate dress on the internet and ordered it:
I also already made the Combadge, I wanted it to look a little like this, without ordering it:
It turned out like this, of course, being a biology major, with the science insignia:
I actually like it quite a lot. This costume is going to be SO AWESOME! I only need to figure out tights, shoes and hairdo. But that shouldn't be an issue, my hair is long enough to do pretty much anything with it.
Yeah, speaking of hair, left side is airdried, right side is blowdried. I like the left side better.
I also got new shoes today, I went to a thrift store with my mom to look at furniture and other stuff, potantially for my future appartment which, at the moment, seems to be in the VERY FAR future. Eh x.x
Anyways, shoes for 10€:
And speaking of shoes, I also took a better picture/ better pictures of my glittery shoes. OH MY GOD I love them so much. I call them my "disco shoes", and they have been on quite a few disco trips as well.

Last but not least, to not leave out the "Stupidity" in my title.... I actually fell down half a staircase today, but not because I tripped or got pushed or anything, NO - it was because I actually got distracted ON the staircase and forgot that I was on it. I then quickly stepped forward and found myself lying on the floor, on my stomach. Fun times. I didn't hurt myself or break anything though. I'm just really glad I skipped university, heaven knows what would've happened to me :D

On that note, have a good friday (night).

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Wow ich liebe deine Haare :)
Die Schuhe sind echt toll ;)

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