Space. The final frontier. DIY Nebula tank top.


Today, instead of studying like I should (>_<), I made a galaxy/nebula shirt out of acrylic paint and my brothers old t-shirt.

First, I cut off the sleeves, turned the thing inside out, cut open the sides and cut off the collar. I then adjusted it so it had a nice, tight fit and sewed it all together, the colorful print now being on the inside so it wouldn't disturb the nebula.
Then, I started out with the nebula by sponging some white color on the material and distributing it relatively uneven. After that, I took a paintbrush and randomly mixed blue, green and pink with white for the lighter parts and faded them out with darker and darker tones of those colors. Then I took a toothbrush for the stars and added a few bigger dots with a tiny paintbrush. The back is painted similarly, but I don't like it as much. The stars certainly make it look more like a nebula.
When I have the chance, I will paint the words 'Space. The final frontier' on the front and 'STAR TREK' on the back :) Oh the things you think of when you don't want to study.

My night will consist of Math, Physics and watching Star Trek. What is my life....

Have a great night!

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feerenaunterwasser hat gesagt…

Oh my god, this is AMAZING! What a beautiful idea... I hope you don't mind me copying it? I simply had to try it since I love space - even though my tee doesn't look half as good as yours. Anyway, thanks for sharing this :-)

Anna hat gesagt…

Of course not, I kind of copied the idea myself. Go ahead and feel free!!!

redwinecolouredlips hat gesagt…

woaah, dieses Galaxy Shirt <3 Verkaufst du auch welche? ;D

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