Sheeesh! Long time no post!

So, happy new year! Here's a shitty picture of me from yesterday evening, showing off my semi-rainbow-hair :>

2012 certainly has a very different outlook than 2011 did. And I really hope it will be better than 2011, overall.
First of all, I turned 20 on Wednesday. 20! There's a two in front now. What a weird feeling.
Second of all, I'm still in my first semester of college, so 2012 will be the first entire year of independent college studies. I might even move to the city.
Finally, I'm still single, although I hope to change that in the next few months. I don't really have a single clue how exactly I am going to do that, but it's still my plan. And even if it doesn't work out - no love life is better than a shitty one. Always. So in that concern, 2012 will hopefully be a lot better also. :)

Anyway. Final exams are coming up and I'm studying like a madwoman. I've never studied this much for finals before - even though technically, my high school finals were a lot harder. These are just multiple choice questions (in botany and cell- and molecular biology) and a little (or a lot of) math and physics. I can handle that. Still, it's just so much stuff to get into my head in the next .... holy fuck, in the next three weeks. Aaaaaand there go my love-life plans :D

I've kind of decided yesterday to start blogging a lot more. I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but tumblr just isn't real blogging. It's a collection of pretty and/or shitty pictures.

More later.

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