Physics Physics Physics! Math Math Math! Botany Botany Botany!

Yes, those are the three exams I will need to take.
Physics is kinda screwing me over recently. I thought I had it all together, but I failed a test last week and need to retake it tomorrow. Depending on whether I fail or pass it, I may or may not be able to take the actual final exam. It should be really easy, as I basically have all the answers to the questions, but I had them last week and didn't pass, so I'm kinda nervous.

My brain is completely full of botany. It counts for 6,5 % of my entire bachelors degree, so it's kind of important that I
1.) do NOT fail this exam
2.) actually get an at least decent grade.
I'm usually a very, very ambitious person when it comes to grades; at least in High School. But there, we wrote texts about the topic, now we have multiple choice tests and I need to rely on my memory, which, oh my god, is completely terrible. It's a sponge, and by that I don't mean that it sucks up all information, but rather that it has holes ^^

Botany is basically everything and anything about plants.

-microscopes and how they work
-bacteria with photosynthesis
-endosymbiotic theory
-taxonomy of plants
-algae (god I hate those motherfuckers)
-plant cells
-reproductive system and generation change; spores, gametes, everything
-moss (bryophytes)
-gymno/ angiosperms (basically any plant with seeds)
-blossoms and fruits and seeds
-movement of plants
-secondary growth of the shoot axis
-phloem, xylem, wood


If you are interested in constantly having a life and not studying until you hate yourself and every green thing around you, seriously, don't study biology. If you find it interesting, as I do, curiously, despite studying my brains out, then go for it!

The thing is, as i mentioned.... I've been concentrating on botany the whole time. Three days after the botany exam, there will be a math exam, which will be completely brutal - calculus + statistics... absolutely deadly. And a week after that, there will be physics, which will be easier than math, but still a challenge, as I simply suck at physics. I'm trying, but.... it's just so hard.

This has been a post.

Sorry about rambling about my biology studies. I promise, it'll end soon and I'll have more interesting stuff to post about :) It's just that this is my life right now. 

Peace out yo!! Have a good, peaceful night :) xx

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lena-juliane hat gesagt…

hast nen schönen blog:)!! ich studiere auch biologie, bzw. sachunterricht mit bioschwerpunkt:=
liebe grüße

Afura hat gesagt…

wow your hair is SO cool!

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