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UGH. Short study break because I just need to rant.
I hate finals. I hate them with a passion. Of course NOW that I don't have time to put up with everybodys shit, everybody comes and asks me to put up with their shit / help them deal with it.
My ex for example. He just asks me if we can hang out every day... and I keep telling him that I can't because I need to study. Then, he tells me that he still likes me, which is shit because I have made the effort to stop liking him after he dumped me. Which worked out GREAT. I mean it.
But then, he is soooo fucking desperate to get a girlfriend, it doesn't even seem to matter whom he choses, as long as it's a girl with some sort of tits. I swear to god there's a new girl every week.
And NO, I'm not jealous, I'm just tired of that shit.

Then, there's a friend of mine at university. He's a really good friend, we really like each other, but we keep getting into fights because I'm a bit moody sometimes (due to stressfulness and finals!!!) and then he tells me that we need to stop being friends because he's really unhappy. Four days pass and we're friends again. I swear, this happens way too often for a friendshit that is only two months old.

Okay, my life sounds really dramatic right now

and that is totally not what I want in life. I can't stand drama queens and I like my life simple and nice, with people who I like and who like me, and who can put up with my bad moods every once in a while. In return, I will put up with their bad moods of course, but PLEASE, let me talk some sense into you!!!

/rant over.

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millie hat gesagt…

it's good to have a rant, makes you feel better! :) your ex sounds annoying, boys can be so, well, BOYISH sometimes! :P x

Peti hat gesagt…

Schön geschrieben. <3

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