I just want to do something other than studying.

I feel that the past two months have consisted of either getting drunk or being at university/studying for it at home. Granted, it's the first semester, and I have Math and Physics to concentrate on, but, seriously. No hobbies. That's bad. I should at least start blogging about the fact that I'm studying. Then I could at least say that my hobby is blogging. Anyway. I deleted my lookbook a few months ago and today, I just thought fuck it and made a new one. Here's the first look.

I love the shoes. They're glittery and I got them as a graduation gift. I don't recommend buying the exact ones though, they were rather expensive and aren't the best quality ever.

Well. I better get back to studying. Look at this ridiculous load of notes I've already taken, and I still need to make about ten more!

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millie hat gesagt…

raaaaa LOVE your hair! :) and those shoes are amazing! really like your blog :) x

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