Happy Monday!

Hiya, fellows!
Man, I wish I had more time and more stuff going on to actually blog about. My life being this, it seems rather pointless to write a blog entry every day. But if I keep this up, I might get used to it, which was my goal in the first place. I'm just imagining somebody on the other side of the world going "Oh, it's that Anna chick again, writing about botany, again, and posting a new look, AGAIN" .... oh well ^^
So today, I got home early and nobody was home so I could abuse our living room to take a picture of my current clothes. It was kinda spontaneous, but eh.

I absolutely love the necklace, I've had the Sailor Moon key chain for years and finally decided to put it to use. So now she's my personal super hero guarding me through the adventures of life (a.k.a. biology =.=) Oh and also, my clothes arrived on Saturday :) The skirt is waaay too big and I will have to sew it tighter, but it was 7 € and it's gorgeous, so who cares?! :) I'll post pictures of the dress another time, maybe.

Well, I'd better get back to studying. Botany essays about seeds and fruit don't write themselves.

More tomorrow! x

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