Fieldtrip, one day before the botany final

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To clear my head, I went for a nice walk with my mom today. It's frikkin cold outside and everything is frozen, but really quite beautiful to look at. And it really did clear my head for a while.

And after tomorrow, I can hopefully really love those beautiful plants again. Gaaah <3

Physics Physics Physics! Math Math Math! Botany Botany Botany!

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Yes, those are the three exams I will need to take.
Physics is kinda screwing me over recently. I thought I had it all together, but I failed a test last week and need to retake it tomorrow. Depending on whether I fail or pass it, I may or may not be able to take the actual final exam. It should be really easy, as I basically have all the answers to the questions, but I had them last week and didn't pass, so I'm kinda nervous.

My brain is completely full of botany. It counts for 6,5 % of my entire bachelors degree, so it's kind of important that I
1.) do NOT fail this exam
2.) actually get an at least decent grade.
I'm usually a very, very ambitious person when it comes to grades; at least in High School. But there, we wrote texts about the topic, now we have multiple choice tests and I need to rely on my memory, which, oh my god, is completely terrible. It's a sponge, and by that I don't mean that it sucks up all information, but rather that it has holes ^^

Botany is basically everything and anything about plants.

-microscopes and how they work
-bacteria with photosynthesis
-endosymbiotic theory
-taxonomy of plants
-algae (god I hate those motherfuckers)
-plant cells
-reproductive system and generation change; spores, gametes, everything
-moss (bryophytes)
-gymno/ angiosperms (basically any plant with seeds)
-blossoms and fruits and seeds
-movement of plants
-secondary growth of the shoot axis
-phloem, xylem, wood


If you are interested in constantly having a life and not studying until you hate yourself and every green thing around you, seriously, don't study biology. If you find it interesting, as I do, curiously, despite studying my brains out, then go for it!

The thing is, as i mentioned.... I've been concentrating on botany the whole time. Three days after the botany exam, there will be a math exam, which will be completely brutal - calculus + statistics... absolutely deadly. And a week after that, there will be physics, which will be easier than math, but still a challenge, as I simply suck at physics. I'm trying, but.... it's just so hard.

This has been a post.

Sorry about rambling about my biology studies. I promise, it'll end soon and I'll have more interesting stuff to post about :) It's just that this is my life right now. 

Peace out yo!! Have a good, peaceful night :) xx

One week until finals - and "More about me" page on the side ->>

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UGH. Short study break because I just need to rant.
I hate finals. I hate them with a passion. Of course NOW that I don't have time to put up with everybodys shit, everybody comes and asks me to put up with their shit / help them deal with it.
My ex for example. He just asks me if we can hang out every day... and I keep telling him that I can't because I need to study. Then, he tells me that he still likes me, which is shit because I have made the effort to stop liking him after he dumped me. Which worked out GREAT. I mean it.
But then, he is soooo fucking desperate to get a girlfriend, it doesn't even seem to matter whom he choses, as long as it's a girl with some sort of tits. I swear to god there's a new girl every week.
And NO, I'm not jealous, I'm just tired of that shit.

Then, there's a friend of mine at university. He's a really good friend, we really like each other, but we keep getting into fights because I'm a bit moody sometimes (due to stressfulness and finals!!!) and then he tells me that we need to stop being friends because he's really unhappy. Four days pass and we're friends again. I swear, this happens way too often for a friendshit that is only two months old.

Okay, my life sounds really dramatic right now

and that is totally not what I want in life. I can't stand drama queens and I like my life simple and nice, with people who I like and who like me, and who can put up with my bad moods every once in a while. In return, I will put up with their bad moods of course, but PLEASE, let me talk some sense into you!!!

/rant over.

Space. The final frontier. DIY Nebula tank top.

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Today, instead of studying like I should (>_<), I made a galaxy/nebula shirt out of acrylic paint and my brothers old t-shirt.

First, I cut off the sleeves, turned the thing inside out, cut open the sides and cut off the collar. I then adjusted it so it had a nice, tight fit and sewed it all together, the colorful print now being on the inside so it wouldn't disturb the nebula.
Then, I started out with the nebula by sponging some white color on the material and distributing it relatively uneven. After that, I took a paintbrush and randomly mixed blue, green and pink with white for the lighter parts and faded them out with darker and darker tones of those colors. Then I took a toothbrush for the stars and added a few bigger dots with a tiny paintbrush. The back is painted similarly, but I don't like it as much. The stars certainly make it look more like a nebula.
When I have the chance, I will paint the words 'Space. The final frontier' on the front and 'STAR TREK' on the back :) Oh the things you think of when you don't want to study.

My night will consist of Math, Physics and watching Star Trek. What is my life....

Have a great night!

Star Trek, Stupidity, and new shoes

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Hey fellas!
I've finally decided to live my lifelong dream and be a Star Trek something-or-other for Carnival this year. I found this amazingly accurate dress on the internet and ordered it:
I also already made the Combadge, I wanted it to look a little like this, without ordering it:
It turned out like this, of course, being a biology major, with the science insignia:
I actually like it quite a lot. This costume is going to be SO AWESOME! I only need to figure out tights, shoes and hairdo. But that shouldn't be an issue, my hair is long enough to do pretty much anything with it.
Yeah, speaking of hair, left side is airdried, right side is blowdried. I like the left side better.
I also got new shoes today, I went to a thrift store with my mom to look at furniture and other stuff, potantially for my future appartment which, at the moment, seems to be in the VERY FAR future. Eh x.x
Anyways, shoes for 10€:
And speaking of shoes, I also took a better picture/ better pictures of my glittery shoes. OH MY GOD I love them so much. I call them my "disco shoes", and they have been on quite a few disco trips as well.

Last but not least, to not leave out the "Stupidity" in my title.... I actually fell down half a staircase today, but not because I tripped or got pushed or anything, NO - it was because I actually got distracted ON the staircase and forgot that I was on it. I then quickly stepped forward and found myself lying on the floor, on my stomach. Fun times. I didn't hurt myself or break anything though. I'm just really glad I skipped university, heaven knows what would've happened to me :D

On that note, have a good friday (night).

Happy Monday!

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Hiya, fellows!
Man, I wish I had more time and more stuff going on to actually blog about. My life being this, it seems rather pointless to write a blog entry every day. But if I keep this up, I might get used to it, which was my goal in the first place. I'm just imagining somebody on the other side of the world going "Oh, it's that Anna chick again, writing about botany, again, and posting a new look, AGAIN" .... oh well ^^
So today, I got home early and nobody was home so I could abuse our living room to take a picture of my current clothes. It was kinda spontaneous, but eh.

I absolutely love the necklace, I've had the Sailor Moon key chain for years and finally decided to put it to use. So now she's my personal super hero guarding me through the adventures of life (a.k.a. biology =.=) Oh and also, my clothes arrived on Saturday :) The skirt is waaay too big and I will have to sew it tighter, but it was 7 € and it's gorgeous, so who cares?! :) I'll post pictures of the dress another time, maybe.

Well, I'd better get back to studying. Botany essays about seeds and fruit don't write themselves.

More tomorrow! x


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They're definitely there. And I feel like a fucking 15-year old, it's been too long.

I bought clothes today, and intend to buy more, but need to wait for my PayPal to be activated. Most people on Etsy only let you pay with PayPal, which is bullshit in my opinion (I have no experience with it and it means signing up on even more sites), but oh well. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
One of those will be worn on a date. I just haven't quite decided yet which one of them. :) I'm so nervous though. How do you properly go on a date and make the right moves? I'm so bad at that.

Oh, I got a letter in the mail today with my contract for my new job. From now on, I work in a senior home's kitchen. I don't make a lot of money, but it's a good start, as I hope to move out, preferably sooner than later.
Other than that, I'm really just studying and universitying. All day - all night.

Peace out yo.

Have I mentioned that I love Einstein?

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Yah. I really do.
Today has been rather uneventful, the bus decided to wait until the next hour, so I was late for university, which didn't really matter because botany was easy and cellular biology was so hard that I did botany instead. ^^

I just want to do something other than studying.

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I feel that the past two months have consisted of either getting drunk or being at university/studying for it at home. Granted, it's the first semester, and I have Math and Physics to concentrate on, but, seriously. No hobbies. That's bad. I should at least start blogging about the fact that I'm studying. Then I could at least say that my hobby is blogging. Anyway. I deleted my lookbook a few months ago and today, I just thought fuck it and made a new one. Here's the first look.

I love the shoes. They're glittery and I got them as a graduation gift. I don't recommend buying the exact ones though, they were rather expensive and aren't the best quality ever.

Well. I better get back to studying. Look at this ridiculous load of notes I've already taken, and I still need to make about ten more!

Sheeesh! Long time no post!

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So, happy new year! Here's a shitty picture of me from yesterday evening, showing off my semi-rainbow-hair :>

2012 certainly has a very different outlook than 2011 did. And I really hope it will be better than 2011, overall.
First of all, I turned 20 on Wednesday. 20! There's a two in front now. What a weird feeling.
Second of all, I'm still in my first semester of college, so 2012 will be the first entire year of independent college studies. I might even move to the city.
Finally, I'm still single, although I hope to change that in the next few months. I don't really have a single clue how exactly I am going to do that, but it's still my plan. And even if it doesn't work out - no love life is better than a shitty one. Always. So in that concern, 2012 will hopefully be a lot better also. :)

Anyway. Final exams are coming up and I'm studying like a madwoman. I've never studied this much for finals before - even though technically, my high school finals were a lot harder. These are just multiple choice questions (in botany and cell- and molecular biology) and a little (or a lot of) math and physics. I can handle that. Still, it's just so much stuff to get into my head in the next .... holy fuck, in the next three weeks. Aaaaaand there go my love-life plans :D

I've kind of decided yesterday to start blogging a lot more. I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but tumblr just isn't real blogging. It's a collection of pretty and/or shitty pictures.

More later.