After a week in Holland, I'm back and finally got my results and yay, it went pretty good actually. I got what I expected, although I missed that single fucking point that would've made it perfect.
That's precisely why I'm going to retake the Math test for the THIRD time. I don't feel like studying at all right now, but I'll get there eventually. It would be stupid to miss out on a better grade when it can be achieved that simply.

Anyway, Holland was great. I went camping with four amazing people (one of them is Miriyana), while the rest of my class - partly the not so amazing people - went somewhere else, but still close enough to be able to see them when I felt like it.
It rained a whole lot - but it was still fun. The beach was nice.

Some asshole took a picture of me in Amsterdam while eating baked beans out of a can - apparently he thought it was hilarious that I didn't buy fat-dripping, filthy expensive McDonald's shit....
If you ever happen to find that picture on the Interwebz, contact me, will you?

(this photo is also by Miriyana)

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Miriyana Mariit hat gesagt…

Yeahyeahyeah! :)
Holland rockt!

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