Graduation coming up!

Jesus, I haven't posted in a loooong time. I guess tumblr kind of took over. It is getting boring though, because all you ever do there is reblog posts with 9k notes. Not extremely original. Meh.
Well well well. Soon, I will have graduated! Today was my second final, so two more to go, yay! It went okay. Math, meh. The first one went great because it was English, and English is a piece of cake. Biology and Child Education to follow, which are both..... challenging. Ohhh my God yes.
But anyways, wow! No more (high) school, fucking E-V-E-R! It's unbelievable. Unbelievably boring. You just kinda start recognizing how alibi-like all those friendships were. I don't really talk to many people there anymore... if Facebook didn't exist, I wouldn't even know if they were alive or not.
Also, I just have NOTHING to do. I should be studying, but .... studying was never the strongest of my skills, also I don't really need it as much as others do. Recently I even took a picture of all the finals I ever wrote:

More than 300 pages within two years of high school. Hand-written. With my own thoughts on different topics. Most of them got pretty good grades, too.
Just imagine - if I had quit high school two years ago, I could have easily written a best seller; instead I sit here, worrying about my Math final. Pa-the-tic.

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Luke hat gesagt…

Hi Anna,

Stumbled across your Blog, hope you don't mind me following. Really entertaining, I'm looking forward to your future posts :)


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