I want to draw portraits of people for money.

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Soooo badly. I just have no idea how to start! I've been told that I do a good job and when I look at artists on the internet selling their portraits for a hundred bucks and.. honestly, they're great and everything but they're more like sketches than full 20-hour brain-eating portraits.

Making dresses

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I'm finally starting on my prom dress today. I don't really see why I should just buy any dress for such a special occasion, especially because I rarely go to occasions like this - which makes it an even bigger deal for me than for the other girls, I'd suspect. I'm going to sew it by myself. It's a pattern, and it is supposed to look like this in the end:

Only in black. And I'm only making the skirt - I bought a really pretty red corset from amazon...
I am quite excited :) It's not a difficult pattern, I've had worse - it's just very slippery fabric and it's also big. But oooh, it's gonna be so pretty.


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After a week in Holland, I'm back and finally got my results and yay, it went pretty good actually. I got what I expected, although I missed that single fucking point that would've made it perfect.
That's precisely why I'm going to retake the Math test for the THIRD time. I don't feel like studying at all right now, but I'll get there eventually. It would be stupid to miss out on a better grade when it can be achieved that simply.

Anyway, Holland was great. I went camping with four amazing people (one of them is Miriyana), while the rest of my class - partly the not so amazing people - went somewhere else, but still close enough to be able to see them when I felt like it.
It rained a whole lot - but it was still fun. The beach was nice.

Some asshole took a picture of me in Amsterdam while eating baked beans out of a can - apparently he thought it was hilarious that I didn't buy fat-dripping, filthy expensive McDonald's shit....
If you ever happen to find that picture on the Interwebz, contact me, will you?

(this photo is also by Miriyana)

Judging you.

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I need rainbow hair!!!

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Oh my God yes I do. Tumblr told me to.

So hopefully

Lane -   - Alpine Green (Punky)   - Bright Orange   - Electric Lizard   - Fire Red   - Flamingo Pink (Punky)   - Napalm Orange   - Poppy Red (Punky)   - Purple Haze

Can you see why ?!?

OMG, revolution!!!

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Germany is so fucked up. Seriously.
Yesterday, I had my written final exam in Math. My last one ever. Or so I thought before I was done.... because apparently, the exam included some exercises that didn't belong in there. Like, in Germany, the government decides what exercises our teachers can choose, and usually the teacher has two or three choices, just in case one of the exercises doesn't suit his or her class. So,

Error #1: There was only ONE calculus exercise that he could choose.

Which just so happened to suck BALLS. Not even little miss perfect was able to solve the problems. Which I thought was impossible in this universe. Grrrrghh. (Why again is it that this gave me a happier feeling? I feel kinda bad... :/)

Error #2: There was shit in that exam that they cannot expect from us Math victims.

Like I said, government controls it. So they say what our teachers have to cover within those two years. And guess what, government failed! Luckily, my teacher did cover that in his class, but at the very beginning and only very marginally. I thought it was OK, but a lot of others couldn't do it, and I completely understand why. I had a different problem, which leads me to

Error #3: There wasn't enough time to solve all the problems properly.

I don't think one single person in that exam got done. Not one. I might even have an explanation for that though...

Error #4: The statement of task, or the questions asked were not clear.

Like, you just sat there for five minutes, staring at it... thinking 'Am I an ape or is there something very wrong here?'
Dear mother of God -.- This kind of shit happens when you let the system control you. So, tomorrow we, the people, the students, are going to talk to our teachers. We are going to try and clear this up and hopefully either be able to rewrite our exams or to have them grade us more humanely. :P

Graduation coming up!

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Jesus, I haven't posted in a loooong time. I guess tumblr kind of took over. It is getting boring though, because all you ever do there is reblog posts with 9k notes. Not extremely original. Meh.
Well well well. Soon, I will have graduated! Today was my second final, so two more to go, yay! It went okay. Math, meh. The first one went great because it was English, and English is a piece of cake. Biology and Child Education to follow, which are both..... challenging. Ohhh my God yes.
But anyways, wow! No more (high) school, fucking E-V-E-R! It's unbelievable. Unbelievably boring. You just kinda start recognizing how alibi-like all those friendships were. I don't really talk to many people there anymore... if Facebook didn't exist, I wouldn't even know if they were alive or not.
Also, I just have NOTHING to do. I should be studying, but .... studying was never the strongest of my skills, also I don't really need it as much as others do. Recently I even took a picture of all the finals I ever wrote:

More than 300 pages within two years of high school. Hand-written. With my own thoughts on different topics. Most of them got pretty good grades, too.
Just imagine - if I had quit high school two years ago, I could have easily written a best seller; instead I sit here, worrying about my Math final. Pa-the-tic.