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Over. New. Again.

Happy New Year, dudes!
I am so relieved that this year is over.
The first half was the best half year of my life, but the second one kinda sucked.
Not that I wanna complain again. Just sayin'.

So yeah, I'm actually planning on being a lot nicer than I have tried so far. To not take everything so damn serious. To seize the day. To love the people who are lovable. This includes the friends who have been my friends before America as well. It can't hurt, right? =)

Well. My new years night sure was something o_o
It started with a weird reunion kinda thing, my old girl friends and me.
Then we had a bunch of food and drinks.
Then the guys came and there were more drinks. ...
Then I accidentally drank rotten milk, ewwwghh.
Then I had a wonderful talk with my besties. <3 Then, uh, then the new year happened, kinda, and I went outside.
We lit firecrackers. Had drinks. Some people came over and said happy new year.
I had a serious talk with one of my former friends who has changed just like me.
We agreed on trying to be friends again. It was odd.
Then I talked to another exchange student who has been in America too. It was fun. Kentucky, hah!
Then he vomited into the sink which was already full of rotten milk and also the sink was full of candle wax.
I unplugged it.
It splashed out and got my favorite bag. Fugg.
The rest of the night was pretty much spent with talking, comforting, eating, cleaning and sleeping.

My 18th birthday is coming up and I'm terribly excited! And scared.
And I have no clue what to wish for. There are a bunch of things I consider wanting, but they are all small... and there are a lot.
This bag for example.

Isn't it the most gorgeous thing ever?!?

And also this T-Shirt.
Gawd, I love geeky t-shirts.
Well, I guess this is it for now.
Happy New Year to all of you, and make 2o1o be the greatest year so far. ;)