Are humans clever?

I found this story in the Internet. It makes me think even more about mankind...

Humans are clever
"Years ago, the animals disappeared. One morning, they were gone, just like that.
Neither had they said goodbye, nor had they left a farewell letter.
We never really found out where they had gone.
We missed them. Now, we were on our own.
Didn't know what to do.
Then we noticed that their disappearance wasn't a reason to change our habits.
Not a reason to change our diet or to stop doing experiments with products which had the potential to do harm to us.

After all, there still were the babies.
They can't speak, hardly move, are no rationally thinking creatures.
We made babies. We used them.
Some we ate. Baby's meat is tender and juicy.
We skinned them. Baby's leather is soft and pleasant to wear.
Some we used for tests. Dribbled soaps in their eyes, injured, boiled, burned them.
We screwed them down and stuck electrodes in their brains. We plugged and irradiated them.
Froze them. Our drugs flowed in their veins until they stopped breathing.

Of course we had a hard time, but it was necessary.
Nobody could contradict that.
Some people, of course, complained. But those people always exist, don't they.
And everything went its normal path again.
Only that...

Yesterday, all the babies disappeared.
We don't know where. We didn't even see them disappear.
We don't know what to do without them.
But we'll come up with something.
Humans are clever. That's what makes us superior to the animals and the babies."

(source unknown, translated from german into english by me.)

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