What is with the world?

"Hello, is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me.... is there anyone at home?"

What's up world?
Today I had a really weird day. Not excitingly weird, no, but just weird. Because it started out really stupid. I had some weird-ass dreams and woke up at five and fell asleep again. So I was late and was yelled at by my dad, then got to school (late), and fuck school and blah and I don't even want to rant about school here, it's boring to read!!!

Anyways, but then it was great because I went downtown with my two favorite German people at the moment and we had ice cream and got really mad at everything and debated and mocked people and it was wonderful because those two people right now... mean the world to me. Not only that they are really really great and awesome people and listen to me and are not boring and not mean and stupid as shit and whatever, but also, they really feel like they are my allies.

Take all those wannabe social people who are just really really really mean assholes... they never ever even look at you... but as soon as there is something wrong or interesting going on (like a red eye or a relationship, sometimes even issues in a relationship) they come along and pretend they are your greatest friends, just to know secrets and tell them...

I miss America so much. I miss it miss it miss it. Or at least I miss the old times when the world wasn't this .... messed up?
I don't know.
But I do know I miss it. And I want to go back and just hold them all in my arms. Especially this one person.

Tell me the color of the rain,
No one was born to be a master

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