I have been thinking.


What a funny title for a Blog.
I have been thinking.
I do it all the time!
So, what's the big deal.
I have decided to start a blog. Blogs are following me everywhere.
Friday, I watched Julie&Julia with a good friend. BLOG.
Yesterday, we talked about her friend who is in India right now, writing a BLOG.
Today, we talked about facehunter, who also owns a BLOG. Whatever the fork.

Another reason for this is... I spend way too much time on the computer. Mostly to scrobble music, but I keep doing stupid stuff in the Internet that isn't worth shit. So, instead, I might actually get involved in my own life by writing it down.

My memory is also horrible, maybe this'll help...

So, today.
What'd I do today?

First thing I did was waking up way too early, no school, grr, but a cold that choked me half to death once I was up. So I used nosespray and, woo, could go to sleep again. Then, I finally got up and had some coffee and left the house to...

meet my three favorite female German people, pretty much. At least at this very moment they are. Oh, yeah.
We got onto the train to Duesseldorf, and guess what we did...
I spoke English, friend one spoke English too, friend two spoke French and friend three spoke Chinese. It was so much fun, especially because moi, friend one and two do NOT understand Chinese AT ALL. WHATSOEVER. All I know is that Schweige means hot guy :D and da xiang means Elephant.

Then, after coming back home, I painted a picture, practiced some guitar annnnnnnd met my boyfriend for like fifteen minutes.

I'm in a real fucked up mood, not just today, just lately. More about this later, I guess. Gu-ess. Weird word.
Gonna have some fruit tea with honey now, peace out and gewd noight, world.

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