Generation Conflicts?

Today I saw a play in school. It was about... I can't even describe it in one sentence.

It started out with some people today moving into an old house with a bunch of stuff from the fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties. They thought of their own generation and while they did, they kept going back in time and the stereotypes of every generation were shown.

And then, they tried to find something to put in a box for OUR generation...

What is there to put in OUR generation-box?

We are in the Internet-era ... So would that be something worth putting in there? Who knows how long this will go on? Also, it's nothing to be proud of.

What kind of music is typical for us? Everything we listen to already has its own generation...

What kind of clothes? Fashion repeats itself.

I think that for our generation, the word individualism is very important... Everybody wants to be themselves, and it goes so far that people avoid being like anybody else just for the sake of being unique. Sometimes that goes too far. But the person as an individual is, at least in the western world, very important, that is for sure.

Still. Our generation really does suck. You can't say anything else. We don't show any respect for teachers or any adult, really, but especially not for each other. Racism... Prejudices... Violence... well-known words.
We don't know what we want, we are not dedicated to anything, barely politically active. We don't give a damn about what happens in school - and I know for a fact that this is even worse in America than in Germany. Which does not mean of course that we Germans are much better. Instead of just shutting the fuck up, we laugh at others for being themselves...

How can we even stand being like that?!
... I know that a LOT of people are asking the same question and that I am not the only person to be this disgusted about it.
Still, nothing happens.

I guess the verb "to happen" is a passive word.

But, is it written in stone that we can't do anything?

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